Marketing and Communication:
Planning, Development and Implementation

Are you ready to promote yourself?  Are your market positioning and messages clear and well-defined?  How do you compare to your competitors?

Are your brochures and website up-to-date and competitive?  Are your white papers a good sales tool?

Do analysts, consultants and the press know you well enough?  Are they helping you get your messages to your prospective clients?

Knolls Consulting will work with you (and your lead clients) to define your marketing and communication strategy, messaging and plans and enable you to implement them extremely rapidly.

We keep you one step ahead of your competition.

Strategy Development:
Strategy, Tactics and Market Definition

Do you have a coherent 2-3 year strategic plan?  Is it up to date?  Can you clearly define your market, its structure and segmentation?

How do you stand up to your competition?  What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?  What are theirs and how does this impact your channel strategy?

How large is your market?  What portion can you sell to based on your strategy?  What is your market share?

Knolls Consulting will join with your executive team to assess your market opportunity and define a practical and clear strategic roadmap for your business.

And we’ll work with you to assess important changes as your lead clients, business, competition and markets change.

It’s your opportunity to clearly define your business focus and targets.  Without it, you’re wandering without a destination

Program and Project Management:
Organize for Success

Are your projects running well with predictable results and clear milestones?  Do you have the resources, budget and time to achieve your plans?

Are your new products introduced to your markets and clients on time, with needed features and clear plans and documentation?

Do you need clear plans and closer, more precise interworking with your clients on technical trials and product deployments?

Are you prioritizing projects clearly and do you understand the impacts of those priorities?

Knolls Consulting offers you extensive experience at managing customer trials, introducing new products and working closely with customers to clearly set expectations and results for projects.

We work closely with you so that project plans are realistic and achieve your results while not exceeding your resource capabilities or time constraints.

We get you organized to win business.